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Technical sheet


Brand nameAJL BLUE
ReferenceAJL BLUE 0.06%
Description and indicationsAJL BLUE 0.06% is an ophthalmic sterile trypan blue solution, intraocular and biocompatible used in ophthalmic
surgery of the anterior segment. This ophthalmic dye is used as a coadjuvant during capsulorhexis and
minimises the risk of laceration in eyes with mature cataracts, with poor reflexes at the back of the eye
or with small pupils.
• Capsulorhexis.
• Phacoemulsification.
• Small incision cataract surgery.
• Extracapsular cataract surgery.
• Anterior/posterior capsulotomy.
• Membrane peeling.
• Improved visualization.
Composition Trypan blue sterile ophthalmic solution at 0.06%
Sterilization method Steam.
Supply1ml prefilled glass syringe and Luer lock 27G cannula.
Shelf-life3 years

*Product with CE marking

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