Commitment: mission – vision – values

//Commitment: mission – vision – values
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Contribute to the health and quality of life of people, by providing innovative medical devices that enable improvements in the practice of healthcare professionals to the specialties of ophthalmology, cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction and airway tract.


Becoming a leading healthcare company, with a global concern, whose aim is to be recognized for innovation, commitment and high quality standards of its products for health care and welfare of people, in order to meet their current and future needs.



– Constant growth

It is essential to promote and measure our success. It stimulates innovation. It is good for both business and employees.

People with decision-making

We believe in freedom to act and think in the most appropriate way at our work, respecting other management processes and needs of the company.

Responsibility and confidence.

This is the basis for healthy growth. The aim is to win the trust that others have placed in us as individuals and as a company assuming the consequences of our actions.

Guiding principles

  1.  Concern for our customers
  2. Manufacture of quality products.
  3. Clear and honest communication
  4. Having in mind the short- and long-term decisions.
  5. Respect to diversity. Value our diversity of products, markets and people.
  6. Relations based on commitment, trust and mutual respect; with both customers and employees, as well as with competitors and suppliers.