History and key milestones

//History and key milestones
History and key milestones2019-01-30T13:06:13+00:00


AJL Ophthalmic S.A. is founded.

A manufacturing plant is built for the company to produce its own intraocular lenses. The national sales network is consolidated.

Research and development of new products (silicone oil, capsular tension rings, new materials for lenses, etc.).

AJL begins to export its products.

The company starts up a new line of business focused on anaesthesia and the respiratory tract (optical laryngoscope and intubation cannula).

Solid international presence and sales network.
New facilities and a new era at Alava Technology Park. New 3000 m2 building.

AJL Ophthalmic S.A. acquires the North American company Addition Technology Inc (ATI), the only company in the world with FDA approval to market INTACS intrastromal corneal rings for treating keratoconus. The incorporation of ATI and Ferrara e Hijos S.L. (international Ferrara Ring distributor) into the structure of AJL boosts exports and opens the doors to a greater international presence.

Solid international presence and sales network in 71 countries.

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