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Brand nameVAMA Cannula
IndicationsVAMA has as main indication its use in the intubation guided by a fibroscopic. It is recommended endotracheal tubes up to 8mm of internal diameter.
It can be used in awake or anesthetic patients, with or without muscular sedatives.
Characteristics• Latex free.
• Recommended in adults.
• Prepared for single use. Disposable.
• Facilitates fibroscopic intubation.
• Single and easy cannula removal.
Design• Anatomical shape.
• Laser guide mark.
• Slipped gap.
Advantages• Comfort for the doctor and patient.
• Easy to use.
• The special laser mark facilitates the introduction and guide of the fibroscopy.
• Slipped gap which allows the cannula removal without keeping out the endotracheal tube.
Size105.74 x 42 x 16.5 mm
VolumeCannula volume 10cm3. Tip volume 1.9cm3.
PresentationSupplied non-sterile.



Step 1
Fibroscopic introduction using an endotracheal tube thought VAMA cannula.

Step 2
Fix the cannula and move endotracheal tube backward. With dominant hand extract the slipped gap.

Step 3
Move down the endotracheal tube and extract from the mouth the VAMA cannula following its natural curve.