3D Custom Surgery


The aim of 3D CUSTOM SURGERY is to offer an integrated made-to-measure implant and biomodel design and manufacturing service to assist maxillofacial surgeons and neurosurgeons throughout the surgical process.

Each case starts in the preoperative phase, with the planning process, before assisting the medical team, if they so require, during the surgery. In the postoperative phase, the results are studied in order to continuously improve the process.

Our catalogue of products and services is as follows:  Download brochure


Biomodels are an essential tool throughout the surgical process: in the preoperative phase, for planning the surgery; during surgery itself, to help the surgeons adhere to the plans made; and in the postoperative phase, to analyse the results and success of the surgery.

Based on the patient’s X-rays, the engineers build 3D models of the anatomical […]

Made-to-measure implants

Made-to-measure implants are the best alternative for reconstructing craneo-maxillofacial defects. Within our 3D CUSTOM SURGERY service, we have extensive experience in designing customised solutions, as well as the professional skills and cutting-edge technology to produce them in a range of materials and effectively cover any needs.If you would like to request a made-to-measure implant, […]

Surgical planning

As an added bonus, our 3D CUSTOM SURGERY service offers the possibility of accompanying the surgeons during the surgical process, if they so wish, in order to immediately deal with any issues in situ. Our professional assistance, knowledge of new technologies and rigorous work methods have allowed us to take part in a variety of […]

If you would like us to analyse your case, please send us your query to ajlsa@ajlsa.com and we will answer your request in less than 24 hours. Sending information under legal conditions:


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